Is chording possible?

I just discovered Keyman and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before. I’m interested not so much in language support but in chording and macros, and I wonder if that is possible with Keyman?

For example, it would be great if I could implement this: Pressing and releasing D or F results in D or F, but holding both at the same time doesn’t send anything but switches to a new mode, so that the IJKL keys become cursor keys.

Other things I’d love to have:

  • capslock key does nothing, but hold it down while typing other keys and it is the same as ctrl+alt+win+shift
  • holding down space switches to a different mode, but just tapping it sends space
  • adding S to the DF combo above is the same as holding down shift
  • K+L + some other key sends a predefined string

Basically, I want to reproduce the chording keyboard layout :slight_smile:

Thanks for your insights!

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Hi @Wout_Mertens, welcome to the community!

We don’t currently support chording in Keyman, and we don’t have any current plans to do so. It would involve significant changes to the way Keyman works internally and doesn’t really mesh with our core goals of multi-platform pan-lingual support. Sorry!

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