Is BLOOM Reader App available in Kindle store?

Would the Bloom Reader App work on a Kindle? It’s such a hardy device, and not as easy to pick up viruses, etc as some others. We’d also need a way to publish Bloom books to the kindle store then.

Hi Beth,
Kindle store is only for Kindle books. However Bloom can export to epub format, and there are many tools to convert epub to Amazon’s proprietary format.

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Would the Bloom Reader App work on a Kindle?

The short answer is yes, but I haven’t tried it. See the following link which describes how:

One method is to install the apk directly. You can download the Bloom Reader apk here:

Sorry, @LitBeth. I may have confused things.

My answer above was given thinking you want to put the Bloom Reader Android app on a Kindle Fire.

If you want to put books you have produced in Bloom on a regular Kindle, see John’s response.