Is aeneas included in the latest Bloom installers?

The post How to Prepare for the Technical Aspects of a Bloom Workshop includes a reminder to have an installer for aeneas available when preparing for a workshop that will include training people how to make Talking Books by recording whole text blocks, rather than one sentence at a time. Is that reminder still current? I note that the post is from 2017, so I wonder if aeneas gets installed automatically in the latest versions of Bloom now? All my computers have aeneas installed for working in RAB/SAB, so I’m not sure what got added by Bloom installations and what is just there from setup for the app-builders.

Hi Bruce,
Unfortunately, Aeneas is python, and python is painful to distribute. So no, we don’t bundle it with Bloom.

I see, thanks.

Now that I’ve followed the link to the the aeneas installer, I see that I should have noticed that by itself aeneas is larger than the Bloom installer.

I assume that the order of installation isn’t important? That is, if we have workshop participants use this installer at the beginning of the workshop when we’re working on Bloom, will it be in the location that RAB expects? Or does the RAB installation set up something that defines the proper aeneas location?

I would expect RAB to be sufficient, but like everything in a workshop, you know that you don’t want to trust anyone’s expectations :slight_smile: It all has to be tested ahead of time.

Right! And now that we’re looking at supporting these installations remotely for a virtual workshop context we’re double-checking everything. Thanks for helping me understand the aeneas step better.