IPA Unicode 6.2 Macintosh Keyboard v1.5: full stop now deadkey?

(With apologies if this is in the wrong place)

Thanks for the very useful keyboard, which I have used for many years without issue. I have recently upgraded to Mac Monterey 12.4, using IPA Unicode 6.2 Macintosh Keyboard v1.5. In this version, the full stop/period key seems to function as a deadkey: when I press the key, I have to then press space to get the full stop character. Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but it is frustrating when I don’t want a space following the full stop (e.g. when glossing, marking syllable boundaries, etc).

Is this a bug, or an intended feature? If the latter, is there a way to turn it off?

Welcome Laura. I’m assuming this is our Ukelele keyboard available from here: IPA Unicode Keyboards

We have not updated that keyboard since 2013 and no longer have the resources to update it.

Since Keyman began to work on macOS we are putting our resources into cross-platform keyboards. I’d encourage you to install Keyman and use the IPA keyboard available here: https://keyman.com/keyboards/sil_ipa

Thanks for your rapid reply, Lorna. That was a quick fix – thank you very muchǃ