iOS touch layout default font

I have a Touch layout keyboard working properly in iOS (iPhone 13 Pro Max, 16.2). Although the font is specified as Tahoma (1.2em) in config, when deployed the onscreen keyboard font is a small serif font. I noticed other posts discussed these problems (touch layout onscreen font size not responding to em change) at V13, I’m not finding anything that refers to these problems at V15. And, there may be something I’m missing. I don’t think that Tahoma is an iOS system font. If there are suggestions for an alternate font (that has good support for unicode/opentype) I’d appreciate suggestions.

The font to use with touch keyboard layouts is specified in the Package Editor tool.
See step 3 here where to specify the “keyboard font” and “display font”. (Both values can use the same font).


Thanks! I missed that section in packages. Works great.