iOS app: link between dictionary and detail view as well as links of relations not working correctly


Hi there

In the iOS version of my dictionary, relations seem to lead to the wrong entry (in the android version they work fine).
So far I am only working in the simulator, iPhone 6. Haven’t made it to get the app on my phone yet.

Link between dictionary and detail view of individual entries:
When I click on “čûsu” in the dictionary, I am led to the details of the entry “dêbi”, but it has the title “čûsu”.

Link from one entry’s detail view to it’s synonym:
Also: when I then click on the synonym for “dêbi” (which would be “hedege”) I am led to "kanibti, which seems to have a random title.

See the images attached.

These things work on the APK version that I made based on the same .lift file.


@david_moore1 or @chrisvire do you have time to follow up on this?