Installing keyboard across network

I discovered today when trying to install a Keyman keyboard in 16.0.139 from a remote desktop accessing a shared folder on the network, it went through the motions of installing, but it didn’t actually get installed until I copied the kmp file to the active machine. It would be nice if it would install through a Windows network drive as well.

Yeah, we’re aware of this; see for example #7207 which mitigates the problem by at least not crashing! The basic problem is that the elevated process which does the actual file copy into %ProgramData% doesn’t have access to the network share, even when the logged-in user does.

A mitigation which we have considered is copying the file in the original process to a temp folder on the local drive, and then giving that temp path to the elevated process. This will resolve the problem for the majority of situations, at the cost of a marginally slower keyboard install.

We don’t have an issue open for this at present, so please do feel free to open one if you think this is worth addressing. :grin:

Just documenting @Ken_Zook created Issue 8648

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