Installation of predictive text package in Keyman for Android

I have prepared a sample Lexical model package using Keyman developer 12 for Malayalam language. But when I try to install it in Keyman for Android 12.0.420, the package failed to install. Here is the source.

Thank you for reporting this issue, and apologies for the inconvenience.

We’ve found it’s an interaction where Keyman Developer 12.0 no longer generates lexical model version information, but the mobile Keyman apps were developed and tested with older lexical model packages that did contain lexical model versions in the package.

We’ll be working on a fix for this issue.

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This should now be fixed in Keyman for Android 12.0.4202
and Keyman for iPhone and iPad 12.0.52

Below is a screenshot of your lexical model package w/ the Mozhi keyboard

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@darcy ,
Thank you for your efforts. I tested it with Keyman for Android 12.0.4202 and works nicely. I would like to ask one further question related this. Is uninstallation option for custom dictionary package working ?

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So awesome to see you successfully create a lexical model so quickly! :slight_smile: Would love your feedback on the experience.

Hmm, the dictionaries page seems to only list the ones from the cloud. We’ll look into getting custom dictionaries merged in.

In the meantime, as you continue to make updates to your dictionary package, you can install and it will overwrite the existing dictionary.

This will be tracked as issue #2200 but due to team travels, it will be a few weeks before we can fix this.

In my experience it is pretty easy to create lexical model using Keyman Developer 12.
I created this sample project using New project -> Word List Lexical model wizard. Then I assigned language, model id, etc.

The word list used in this package were copied from a Malayalam dictionary which is available at under GPLv2 license as a part of Indic keyboard project.

Firstly I copied word list to Libre Office Calc Worksheet then split it to two column using text to column option. Finally the prepared word list copied to TSV file under project with in Keyman Developer 12.

By this my sample project readied to build package.

Hi @Ramesh_Kunnappully,

Thank you :slight_smile: That’s great feedback and encouraging that creating a lexical model worked well for you!