Installation issues in windows7


Am using windows 7. And i uninstalled Internet Explorer and installed Chrome and Firefox. After downloaded Keyman 10 desktop version for Tamil Language the installer asks for Internet Explore 9. Is there any alternative to install without IE9(Coz I hate that browser)


I’m curious why you uninstalled IE rather than simply make Chrome or Firefox your default browser?


I can’t speak for the OP, but I also have a particular disdain for IE. Since XP days I have always been installing Windows with a customized installer, it saves SO much time! Quite a while ago I ended up simply removing IE from ever installing in the first place. It’s a very effective way to prevent it from ever opening which still happens even if you set another browser as the default.


Unfortunately some core components of Keyman are built upon IE, so it is absolutely necessary to have IE installed to use Keyman. The roadmap says that this will eventually change and IE dependency will be phased out. But that is some time away.
The good news is that you really don’t have to use IE as your browser, you can continue to use whatever browser you wish. Although IE must be installed on your system.


Dear bobh
I have already uninstalled IE and made firefox as my default browser. But the installer replies the same message… Any how thanks for your quest


Thanks Jolene
Why keyman for desktop usage needs IE components. Though windows itself used to have .net framework.


Keyman Desktop uses the IE component MSHTML to render the configuration dialog, the documentation, and parts of the On Screen Keyboard interface.