Information collected by Bloom Player in RAB

Does the Bloom Player used within RAB collect the same kind of information that the Bloom Reader stand-alone app does?

I’m drafting a privacy policy statement for putting our apps on the Play Store, and as I compare other Privacy Policies, I notice that that the statements for SIL Intl Apps, Wycliffe Scripture Apps, and the Bloom Reader App say that they collect slightly different information. If we’re using the Bloom Player in some of our apps, should our privacy policy indicate that our apps may collect all of the non-personally identifiable information noted on the Bloom Reader statement?:

  1. Type of device (e.g. Samsung S3).
  2. Version of operating system (e.g. Android 4.2).
  3. City/Country where connected to internet (e.g. Nairobi, Kenya).
  4. Mobile provider
  5. What books were read in what language, how many pages, features of the book (e.g. Talking, Sign Language, Motion), etc.
  6. Scores for comprehension quizzes and other interactive activities.

I understand that the particular information each app collects will depend on which features it takes advantage of, but I would like to develop a general policy that could apply to any app we develop on the app-builder platform.

@Bruce_Beatham good question.

I need to check, but my assumption is that it follows the SIL Intl Apps, Wycliffe Scripture Apps policy and not the Bloom policy.

@richard @chrisvire