Indonesian keyboards

Hi, looking through the list of keyboards here,, I can’t help but notice the glaring absence of Indonesian keyboards. For the national language (idn) shouldn’t it be under EuroLatin keyboard or US International keyboard? Also I saw none of the its 700+ languages listed. True, some are complex and require standalone keyboard layouts, but many are also using the same keyboard that available everywhere.

Therefore I’m developing a new keyboard for Javanese script (the language is spoken by 80+ million people). And hopefully from there I can also develop Balinese and Sundanese, two related languages.

Please list Indonesia in the keyboard list. Thank you.

Thank you for the keyboard submission! I would agree that there is a current lack of keyboards for Indonesian languages. Some can be written with an English keyboard so up until recently there has not been a big perceived need for a special keyboard layout for them. As we start to support language services such as correction and predictive text, specialised input methods for these languages will become more important.

FWIW, here’s a link to the Indonesian languages in the keyboard catalog:

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For completeness sake, can Indonesian language, the national language, be added under US English (‘us’) keyboard in There’s surprisingly short list under that keyboard (compared to EuroLatin keyboard, for example). Is that list manually updated?


We are currently working through the set of ‘basic’ keyboards including us. We’ll revisit the list of languages associated with the language when we get to it – and hopefully we can add a set of languages for which it is appropriate including Indonesian, Tok Pisin, etc.

Edit: see

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