Individual letter forms on physical product?


I am looking to design ceramic mugs and cosmetic bags as an alphabet range using single letters. Similar to this below…

When coming across commercial free fonts, particularly on Adobe, there is limitations on using them their own but is ok as a phrase.

I have a few OFL fonts from Google, and in the license it says this below…Does this mean the letter form as a font file to not be sold by itself? Am I ok once it has been created on home and gift physical items?

1) Neither the Font Software nor any of its individual components,

in Original or Modified Versions, may be sold by itself.

2) Original or Modified Versions of the Font Software may be bundled,

redistributed and/or sold with any software, provided that each copy

contains the above copyright notice and this license. These can be

included either as stand-alone text files, human-readable headers or

in the appropriate machine-readable metadata fields within text or

binary files as long as those fields can be easily viewed by the user.

Also, on the FAQ’s of the OFL SIL website, it then says this, which I get the impression is ok for me to do the above (mugs, bags etc).

'Answer: Yes. You are very welcome to do so. Authors of fonts released under the OFL allow you to use their font software as such for any kind of design work. No additional license or permission is required, unlike with some other licenses. Some examples of these uses are: logos, posters, business cards, stationery, video titling, signage, t-shirts, personalised fabric, 3D-printed/laser-cut shapes, sculptures, rubber stamps, cookie cutters and lead type.

Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

Hi Lauren - The FAQ is correct. You can use the fonts as you describe. The text in the OFL license is referring to font software files, not artwork you produce using them.

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Hi Victor,

Thank you so much for your quick reply! Very helpful.