Indic Romanization from ITRANS -To type anywhere on the web /IME

Currently this keyboard allows one to type in text area with copy/paste option.
Please add an option for this keyboard the way Google Input Tools makes it easy to type anywhere on the web.

This is already possible – you can download a version for your computer at the page you linked. I don’t know if you are using Windows, macOS or Linux, or a mobile device. Nevertheless, this keyboard is available on all the major platforms – just click the Download link on that page for your computer.

I did download on macOS desktop. Now how can I write a e-mail or type a comment on YouTube using this keyboard?

Did you download Keyman desktop for Mac?

Does this page help you use this keyboard?

I did download. I don’t see Keyman icon.

Step 1

Check the menu bar near the date and time to see if Keyman for macOS is active. If it is active you will see the Keyman icon:

Make sure you go through the “install” process after downloading.

After getting Keyman installed then I guess you install the keyboards.

Alternatively, on this page keyboard page you could click on “Use keyboard online”.

I use keyboard online but I can’t type anywhere on the web with this tool.

I can’t find multiple languages.
*** Select “Multiple Languages”, and then select “Keyman” in the right-hand pane to add as an input method.**

Hi Marc,
I don’t see multiple languages listed on my MacOS Hi Sierra version 10.13.6. Please guide.
Hi Lorna,
As per this link
Double click the DMG file and drag and drop the Keyman app into the ‘Input Methods’ folder. / I did

I don’t see multiple languages listed on my MacOS Hi Sierra version 10.13.6. Please guide.

Is the screenshot from your computer? If so, just make sure the “Keyman” is highlighted (as it is) and then click “Add”.
Then you would need to keep following the instructions.
If this is not a screenshot from your computer, then I’m not sure how to help you. I’m not a Mac user :frowning:

Hi Lorana,
My Mac doesn’t have Multi-Languages as stated in Keyman instructions.


I can see two possibilities:

  1. The Multiple Languages option may be at the top of the list (this can happen if there has previously been a multi-language input source installed). Check the top of the list :slight_smile:
  2. Keyman may be being blocked either by macOS itself, or by system protection software.

For the second issue, check Security & Privacy in System Preferences. Check that “Allow apps downloaded from:” is set to “App Store and identified developers”. If macOS has blocked the Keyman app, that may also be visible here.

Hi Marc,
1-The Multiple Languages option may be at the top of the list…checked it’s not there
2-Keyman may be being blocked either by macOS itself…checked it’s not blocked
Allow apps downloaded from:” is set to “App Store and identified developers”…it’s already there
Please guide me further.

The keyboard installation is nearly identical to the lipika-ime, as far as I can tell. Have you tried searching for “Keyman” in the input sources?

We are considering moving from a .dmg to a .pkg installer in a future version, but we do not have a timeframe on that.

Hi Marc,
I can’t find Keyman in my Input sources.
I have keyman-11.0.221.dmg logo on my screen but can’t drag or add in Input source.
If you have Mac or someone in office please try to install this keyboard and guide me.

@keemaen, As @Marc indIcated the steps for installing Keyman and lipika-ime are the same.

Where they different is in keyboard installation. Lipika-ime has a set of pre installed input schemas all others have to be manually installed.

For key man you can download a keyboard package and install it or search and install via keyman configuration screen.


  1. Download and install keyman
  2. Enable Keyman as an active input framework
  3. Download and install desired keyboard.

If you pm I can guide you through the macos process