Indic Roman Keyboard


Please create Indic Roman keyboard (IME or APP or Desktop) to type all Indian
languages in Roman Transliteration script.
Sanskrit is widely written in Roman script.
Lots of commenters prefer to write their vernacular languages in Roman script but can’t write phonetically correct without proper keyboard.
On internet, most Indian languages are taught to others in Roman script.
Indic Roman can be used to respell English words as well as to write pronunciations.
This can be a very good typing keyboard as well as educational tool.
This type of keyboard can be extended to other languages.

a ā i ī u ū ṛ ṝ e ai o au ă ŏ aḥ am an
ka kha ga gha ṅa
cha chha ja jha/za ña
ṭa ṭha ḍa ḍha ṇa
ta tha da dha na
pa pha/fa ba bha ma
ya ra la ḷa va ha sha
ṣa sa kṣa/xa jña tra shra
ḳa ḳha g̣a j̣a d̤a d̤ha f̣a ṛa l̤a (nukta letters)
ȧ ā̇ ï ī̇ u̇ ū̇ ė aï ȯ au̇
a̐ ā̐ i̐ ī̐ u̐ ū̐ e̐ ai̐ o̐ au̐
Diacritics: …// key strokes:
ā ī ū ṛ ṝ ă ŏ aḥ…// aa, ii/ee, uu/oo, .r, .rr, ae, aw, aH
ṅa ña ṭa ṭha ḍa ḍha ṇa ḷa ṣa kṣa jña…// .nn, ~n, .t,.th,.d,.dh,.n,.l,.sk,.s,j~n/gY
ḳa ḳha g̣a j̣a d̤a d̤ha f̣a ṛa l̤a …// .ka,.kha,.ga,.ja,…da,…dha,.f,…r,…l

ȧ ā̇ ï ī̇ u̇ ū̇ ė aï ȯ au̇…//a.m,aa.m,i.m,ii.m,u.m,uu,m,e.m,ai.m,o.m,au.m (m=anusvar)

a̐ ā̐ i̐ ī̐ u̐ ū̐ e̐ ai̐ o̐ au̐… //a.c,aa.c,i.c,ii.c,u.c,uu.c,e.c,ai.c,o.c,au.c (c=chandrabindu)

Transliteration Example:!topic/rajbhashavibhag-itsolution/-8ZFY-2q3g0


Welcome! See if this keyboard works for you. If there are specific things missing, let me know.


I can’t type diacritic characters using stated keystrokes. ie aa / ā, ii/ee/ ī…and so on


The documentation for this particular keyboard is here:

They are different keystrokes than what you are suggesting. If you would like a keyboard to match your keyboards you are welcome to develop and keyboard by downloading Keyman Developer. We’ll help you through the process.


Yes, they are different keystrokes. What’s link for Keyman Developer to download on Apple Mac? Does this require computer expertise to create a on line keyboard?


Currently Keyman Developer only works on Windows. Yes, it does require some technical expertise to create keyboards.


I use all Roman Characters and why they won’t work on macOS ?

Upon browsing I found this link.

Keyman Engine for macOS

Keyman Engine for macOS allows you to build a keyboarding app for macOS, or integrate a sophisticated input method layer into your existing macOS application.

Get the source
Please note: Keyman Engine for macOS is currently under development.


Can you modify this one to Indic Roman Keyboard? Downloads for your device

macOS download

Vedic Sanskrit Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS) for macOS

Installs only Vedic Sanskrit Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS). Keyman for Mac must be installed first.



I am unable to develop any new keyboards at the moment. I’m very sorry. If you want to develop a keyboard, I can help you submit it. But, it does take some technical knowledge to develop the keyboards.


If you give me this type of interface I will do all Input / output for Indic Diacritic Roman.