Index tab not displaying properly in iOS

I’m building dictionary apps for Gamilaraay [kld] for both Android and iOS, from a LIFT file. The Android app works (mostly) as expected; however, on iOS, the Gamilaraay index tab is initially completely blank. If I make any changes to the background colour, it starts to show just the part-of-speech tag for each entry:

Furthermore, it only displays the first couple of dozen entries; and the alphabetical index is empty.

The English index tab, however, displays correctly, shows all the entries in the dictionary, and has a working alphabetical index.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. If necessary, I can share (a subset of) my LIFT file; but it is likely to be well-formed, since the Android app works correctly, and even in iOS, the individual entries display correctly.

Can you share the subset of your LIFT file. Send me a Personal Message of how to get it. To send a personal message click on my icon and select message.

I’ll test it on Android and iOS.

Ian, please forward this along to me if you get it and can reproduce the issue. Thanks

@david_moore1 I have just found what @Siva_Kalyan sent me. I’ll pass it on.

@Siva_Kalyan can I ask what generated your LIFT file? It has some unusual features.

The <pronunciation> field is above the head word. That is unusual but did not cause me issues.

The other really odd thing was the form of the parts in the <text> field.


Had extra white space before and after the words used.
But that should be like this:


So your lack of alphabet characters is related to all entries starting with a space. Taking out the extra space before and after the words makes the letter index show up

But the vernacular head word showed up in the example you sent. So I could not reproduce your main issue.

Can you fix your data and try again? But I will be off this list for two weeks.

@Ian_McQuay The LIFT file was generated from a MySQL database using a Python script that I wrote. The XML generation library that I used (BeautifulSoup) automatically puts the content of a field on a separate line from the opening and closing tags; so it didn’t occur to me that spacing could be an issue.

I will remove the newlines and spaces in the <text> field, and try again. I’ll also look more carefully at the sample LIFT files in the GitHub repo, and make sure I don’t have unnecessary newlines and spaces anywhere else. I’ll also put the <pronunciation> field below the head word, in case that makes any difference.

Thanks again for your help.

@Ian_McQuay I’ve now fixed the extra newlines and spaces, and now the iOS app works without any problems. The index entries dispay correctly, as does the alphabetical index on the right:

Thanks for letting us know.