I’m interested in changing my Japanese and Chinese input methods to be more consistent with my keyboard layout using keyman developer. The thing is, I don’t really understand .dll files, where to find them. I don’t know Japanese and Chinese well enough to write a DLL myself.
I’m also not sure how to implement it in developer, but I suspect I’ll be able to figure it out once I have a file to try with.

The Japanese and Chinese layouts are not really editable in Keyman Developer, because they require native code to run, and do require development of a .dll file. They run only on Windows and web, not on other platforms.

At present, the only location for the source of the Chinese layout is a draft pull request at [cs_pinyin] CS-Pinyin keyboard initial public version by mcdurdin · Pull Request #64 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub – we haven’t had the resources to bring this to release.

We don’t currently have the Japanese keyboard source available yet – it needs considerable effort to get the source building and shared.

My estimate would be probably 2-3 months full time for a developer to bring these to a reasonable standard where they would be editable by other people. To add support for macOS, Linux and mobile platforms is a year, minimum.