Improve suggestions/corrections based on context

When the suggestions are provided for non-latin languages. lexical model doesn’t know how to suggest based on correct.

here is an example from hunspell “REP” flag for Kannada.

In the below example, hunspell is providing the dictionary to specify how to search for words in the dictionary. These are alternate letters that hunspell will replace to search in the wordlist.

This is very important feature for corrections and also while suggesting the words.

We need to pass this list in the dictionary and lexical model should be aware of possible wrong typing of letters.

FLAG num
REP 54
REP ಕ ಖ
REP ಖ ಕ
REP ಚ ಛ
REP ಛ ಚ
REP ಟ ಠ
REP ಠ ಟ
REP ಡ ಢ
REP ಢ ಡ
REP ತ ಥ
REP ಥ ತ
REP ದ ಧ
REP ಧ ದ
REP ಿ ೀ
REP ೀ ಿ
REP ು ೂ
REP ೂ ು
REP ೆ ೇ
REP ೇ ೆ
REP ೊ ೋ
REP ೋ ೊ

Hi @mayura, thank you for the suggestion. I believe we have something like this on our roadmap; not sure if it will be in 14.0 or a future release.

line number 452: const PARTIAL_NFD_LOOKUP = {…}

can we use this constant to achieve the above?

No, that object is there for normalization, not correction.