Improve how Bloom simulates a printed cover

Bloom shows previews for how a cover will look after it’s printed on colored paper, but it gives a poor approximation. Here’s an easy way to improve them.

When the cover only has black ink, Bloom’s view looks great.

But once you introduce light colors, especially white, the preview gives a false impression. There’s no way to print white on a green paper. The darker color always wins.

To fix this, use CSS { blend-mode: multiply; } on the elements above the paper when creating previews. Multiply is the blend mode that best simulates printing. You can read more about it here.

Yeah, maybe… that has a pretty dramatic effect on the colors:


Which may well be what you’d get if you printed on paper this color. What would be really helpful would be a way to specify a transparent color (i.e. white).

For now, what we try very hard to do is to get original files for all logos. I think the example here is one where this is best we could get from some local organizations.