Importing data Problems

I am having problems with importing data from LanguageDepot into Language forge. The importation Process reports “Oh, RPC Error”, “Server Status Code 503”. After data importation most of the data fields are completely empty including the “Word” field. How can this be fixed?



Dear Thapelo,

Sorry about the problems you’ve encountered. I’ll create an issue for you in the issue tracker where you can track our response.



I found where the issue seemed to come from. There seems to have been an clash with language input system - largely from FLEX. I disabled certain languages which were not supposed to be there in the first place. After that I could then see most fields which had vanished. There are still a few issues which need to be resolved.

I’m glad to hear the import worked!

Kind regards,


Chris. While the import worked, my imported Setswana dictionary data now has stars and numbers after the headword. I am not sure where this is coming. I have attached an image for your appreciation. Please advice please.


I am sending you more errors encountered. Please assist if you can

Are the numbers noun classes? What else appears after other words?
When you had trouble with extraneous other languages not importing, it reminds me that every field needs a writing system. If the writing system is not specified then the data “disappears”.


The numbers are not word classes because they do not appear on the database. They only appear on the word list and headword display. I have attached a picture. Worse has also happened. My project has been put on hold after I tried to synch it with language deport… I am finding it very frustrating to use Language forge

Hi Thapelo,

I’m sorry for the frustrating experience using Language Forge. While I would like it to work for your project out-of-the-box, the reality is that the Send/Receive with FLEx is very much an in-progress feature. When we get reports of projects that don’t sync as expected, we create issues for them so that an available developer can work on fixing that part of the sync. This is unfortunately a very slow process this summer due to vacation and other factors. We are a very small team with a big vision and often aren’t able to respond to everyone’s request for help. I will reply to your email with an issue regarding syncing.