Importing books from another bloom collection

Hello. How can I import books from one Bloom collection into another collection?

Each Bloom book is a folder of files on your hard drive. Each collection is itself a folder containing all the book folder in it. So to move books between collections, you just need quit Bloom, then move the book folders between collection folders.

When you right-click a book in the collection tab, one option is “open folder on disk”. This will bring up an explorer with the book folder selected, so you can cut or copy it. One level up in the folder hierarchy will usually be all your other bloom collections, making it easy to find the place to paste it.

If the collections are in a different language, you may be thinking of a different kind of import: where you use a book in one language as a shell to translate into another. There are a few options for this:

  1. Upload the book to bloom library (Publish/Share on the web). Then follow the link Bloom shows you and download it again. Open the other collection. Look for the book in “Books from Bloom library” and then “Make a book using this source”
  2. If you made the book in a “source” collection, you can open the other collection, find your source collection in “sources for new shells”, and again, “Make a book using this source”. You can also “make a bloom pack” and then open it…on another computer if desired…to make those books available for others to translate.

Thanks so much…this is all very helpful! I think we got it working now. :slight_smile:

How do I import/move a book to another collection keeping the original text as well (not only the pictures with the original text in a bubble). What I want is to transfer only a part of the original collection to a different collection (as I mixed up 2 different languages in the same collection).

Right-click on the book within Bloom, then choose “open folder on disk”. This will open Windows Explorer (\Documents\Bloom[Collection name][Book Name]). Close Bloom. Copy that whole folder to another collection within Windows Explorer. Open that Collection in Bloom.

In order for the text to not appear in the bubbles, the second collection needs to include the language from the original collection and the correct language . Open the book, switch it to “two language”, then copy the text to the correct box. (Copying from the text bubbles is available in 4.6 Beta, but not 4.5).

It would probably be better to use Bloom’s Duplicate Book feature first. (Right-click on the book in Bloom to find that.)

Bloom keeps track of a book’s identity internally with a special code, so on some internal level just copying folders is a bit dangerous. So duplicating the book and then moving the new book to another folder is safer. (Among other things, if both books get uploaded to the website, the second would overwrite the first.)