Importing a contents file

I created a full set of contents and indexes for a song book, but then I realised there were some errors in it, so I exported the contents, fixed the problems in the XML file, and tried to import it. There are no error messages, but nothing is imported. The XML is well-formed. I even deleted the current contents with the errors, but hasn’t helped. Having spent a good chunk of the last two days getting everything almost right, I don’t want to have to do it again!

This is RAB 8.6.3 on Mac, running macOS 11.2.3, if that makes any difference.


I manually replaced the contents.xml file in the package, and that made it work, so I’m OK. The Import button just doesn’t do anything, it seems, once you choose the contents package.


Contents Menu XML contents.xml file needs to be in a Zip file to be imported. If you had pictures they would be in a subfolder in the Zip package.

You can edit your contents menu in RAB. Just double click an item. Some people are having issues with items not being able to be dragged to a new location.