IMDI Export

Hi John!
Is there a way to export all the metadata for all your sessions in one go? When I click on Archive project with IMDI, I get a folder with all my materials but the IMDI file only has the folder metadata, and no actual information about the sessions. If I open each folder, and change the .session file to an .xml file, I’m able to see the metadata in xml format, but I would have to export each one individually in order to get all my information out. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Hi Kate!

I just created an IMDI archive package (BTW, I click Project>Archive using IMDI, rather than clicking on each session and archiving them individually.) and I got an .imdi file with the project-level metadata. Also, each of my .session metadata files were converted to .imdi files. These files are at different directory levels inside the IMDI Packages folder.

If you’re not getting this, perhaps a SM update would fix it???

Thanks Sarah!

I think I do get the IMDI files in different directory levels! I saw the folders but didn’t think to look inside… Thanks :slight_smile: