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We are working on developing story books for children with print disabilities.Clarity of an image is a significant feature in accessible books. We want to be able to judge the dimensions correctly. Can anyone give us the margin spaces for Digital portrait and a digital landscape format ?

Hi Theresa,

Bloom Reader will scale the page to the screen of the device (and online, it will be scaled to the size of the window). So you can’t really ensure that a screen pixel corresponds exactly to an image pixel.

For what it’s worth, the starting point for Bloom scaling pages is to treat a device page as 100mm by 177.8mm, or (at a more-or-less standard 96dpi) 378x672 pixels. The standard margins are 10px on each side, except that for numbered (most) pages, the bottom margin is 35px to leave room for the page number. That means the typical content area in device16x9 portrait is 94.7x165.9mm (358x627px); landscape is 172.5x88.1mm (652x333px).

John Thomson

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Hi John,
Thankyou so much for your reply. Yes , I understand what you are saying. I will try out what you suggested and see i that helps. Thankyou again !

  • teresa