I'm inquiring about Google noto sans and serif CJK licenses?

hello, sir

I was curious about use of noto sans,serif CJK

I was asked to design a package from a customer. The request is a lip&mask pouch package design.

The customer said he wanted to use noto sans and serif Japanese in font.

I know that noto sans,serif CJK font is commercially available. noto sans,serif CJK is OFL1.1 License But I have a question.

When using google noto sans and serif CJK, I wonder if I should indicate the author or if I can use it without indicating the author.

Some people say that the original author should be written, and some say that they don’t have to write the original author should be marked.

What I’m curious about is whether I can use it without writing down the source, or whether I should write down the source and use it.

And it is whether the notosans, serif CJK font can be used for package design.

Sentences can be awkward using a translator. Nevertheless, thank you very much for reading.

look forward hearing from you.

Stay safe&healthy

Hello donghwi,

You do not need to mention the original author or include the copyright and license if you are using the fonts for graphic designs. If you give people the whole font then you need to include the copyright and license.

Thank you for your answer.

So I can use Google Noto Sans and serif font for package design! Without the original author’s mark.

The OFL license is really important.
It was so difficult and confusing because I was not good at English. But thanks to you, my concerns have been resolved.
Thank you so much for your kindness.