If you have problems getting Speech Analyzer working in Windows 10 Home


A user asked for help installing Speech Analyzer 3.1 on Windows 10. It installed but wouldn’t run. No error message, you’d double click to launch the program, and nothing happened.

On my Windows 10, I had no problems installing Speech Analyzer and getting it to run. Someone said the issue is Speech Analyzer requires .NET 3.5 and not .NET 4.5 to 4.7 which now comes with Windows 10. On my computer I saw in “Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on and off” that .NET 3.5 was checked.

On his computer, I saw it was not checked. I checked it, Windows said it needed to download some files from Windows update, and after a few seconds it responded with an error 800F081F. The help file that pointed to (which was not very helpful) said I needed to do something with the Group Policy editor which does not exist in Windows 10 Home.

I asked answers.microsoft.com about this and got two responses which guided me to what did work.

Here are my conclusions

When Speech Analyzer won’t run on Windows 10 Home:

  1. Go to control panel, Programs and Features, and click “Turn Windows Features on and off”
    Check .NET 3.5. See if Windows 10 can install it. (If it can, your problem is readily solved).

  2. If it fails, go to this page and click the button to create Windows 10 installation media

  3. Download the media creator tool. Run it, and choose to create installation media (not “update this computer”)
    This will take it a while because it downloads a 3.7 gig file. But you can keep this file and burn it to DVD for the case that you would need to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch.

  4. When the ISO file has finished downloading, right click on it in Windows explorer and choose “Mount”.

  5. It should be mounted like a new drive. Note the drive letter. It will say (for example) “DVD Drive (D:) Windows”

6: find the CMD program, right click it and choose “Run as administrator”

7: Type this command (should be all one line. In this example the drive letter for the ISO is D. If Explorer gave a different drive letter, use that in this command, right after “Source:” )
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All Source:d:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

That should do it.


Hi Steve, I took the short way around.
After having read that Speech Analyzer requires .Net 2.0, I installed NetFx20SP2_x86.exe that I keep in my files for Speech Analyzer (It is no longer on LingTran distribution. Microsoft .NET 2.0 can be installed the alongside the 3.5/4/4.6/4.7 generation of .NET.
Everything works fine for me…
Windows 10 Pro, Fall Creator’s Edition.


So you installed .NET 2.0 insteads of 3.5?


In addition to, not instead of. That’s what was listed on the site, right?


I haven’t done anything to install .NET 2.0 and Speech Analyzer works.


Steve White
International Language Technology Consultant