Icon for keyboard layouts

I have two different keyboard layouts that have the same icon. It is nice to be able to see which keyboard layout is currently active by seeing the icon in the taskbar. Is there any way to change the icon (color or anything that will make it look different) ?

Thank you

You need to edit the Keyman keyboard icon (*.ico or *.bmp) before building and packaging the keyboard.
I changed or created *.bmp files with Microsoft’s Paint, using the highest view with grid-lines. Bmp files have 16x16 little color squares that make the image. You can easily change the squares according to your wishes.
Ico files have a bigger size of 48x48 and are better for HiDPI screens. You can create and edit them in the same way, I think.

I’m not sure if you can change already installed icons.

A point of clarification on .ico files: they can have multiple images inside of different sizes, which is quite helpful for use on different computers. Keyman Developer includes an icon editor for 16x16 .ico and .bmp files but does not support other size .ico files. You may find Microangelo Toolset helpful (not free, but has trial version) or http://www.xiconeditor.com/ (free online editor) helpful for creating .ico files for multiple resolutions.

You can replace the icon for an already installed keyboard. Note: this is an unsupported process!

  • For Keyman 11, start with the %ProgramData%\Keyman\Keyman Engine\Keyboard\ folder. For version 10, look in %ProgramData%\Keyman\Keyman Engine 10.0\Keyboard\.
  • You will find a subfolder which corresponds to your keyboard (possibly under _Packages subfolder), and in that folder should be a .ico file.
  • You should be able to replace that file with an icon of your choosing (ensuring you keep the same filename). You may want to rename the original icon rather than overwriting it.
  • You may need to restart Keyman and/or Windows for the replacement icon to appear correctly.

If the keyboards are reinstalled or updated, this process would need to be repeated.

Thank you Rolf and Marc! Again, I am so very grateful for this product! It saves so much time and makes it so delightfully easy to switch between three different keyboards! Thank you very much!!

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