IAST Default Font Changes to Iskoola Pota


I have Windows 11 and Use Keyman Desktop on my desktop PC v16.0.144.

I use IAST and Sanskrit Keyboard Layouts.

Whenever I type using IAST keyboard, the default font which is Calibri (body font) changes to Iskoola Pota.

I have tried to change the default font from Design → Fonts and create a Custom Font with all four fonts including Complex Script from Iskoola Pota to Calibri or Calibri Light for headings.

Restarted MS word and still getting the same issue. Every time, I have to manually change the font. Sometimes even a letter in between the word or in the beginning of the word if added later on due to spell correction like Ā or ś instead of A or s results in change of font to Iskoola Pota.

How can I fix this issue.

Thanks again.

White Lotus

Welcome to the community @WhiteLotus,

Can I know which keyboards are you referring to? There are a lot of Sanskrit keyboards in Keyman.

You can try to change the language tag of the keyboard in Keyman Configuration. That probably help prevent the font changing in MS word.

Please take a look at this similar issue.

Thank you!

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Thank you @Nyny for the welcome and your response.

I use Indic Romanization from ITRANS keyboard (sa-Sinh_IN) keyboard which uses IAST Input. So I type in English / Latin Script with Diacritical Marks eg̣. Rāma, Śiva, Kṛṣṇa, etc.

Please accept my apologies for creating confusion.

the issue is - if I type

Kārikā 20 – Result
Kārikā is in Calibri Font and 20 is in Iskoola Pota font.

Earlier there were more problems, like after typing Yoga 20 or Rāma 20, the font used to change to Iskoola Pota, so anything that I type will be in Iskoola Pota font.

Note: Yoga does not have any diacritical marks still I get numbers in another font. And this behaviour is inconsistent.

After I set a Custom Font under Design Tab to Calibri (both Latin Text and Complex Script i.e. selected Calibri for all four options), letters get typed in Calibri, but numbers still get typed in Iskoola Pota font but still I get this result.

This does not happen when I type in browser, but only in Word Processor.

Screenshot Attached.

I am going through the thread that you gave link to. I tried changing the font to ‘Aptos’ from ‘Calibri’ and started to type. It gives same error.

Edited: I am unable to understand what to select a language Keyman keyboard in Keyman Configuration. I selected English (India) i.e. en-IN? This did not solve my problem. Did I do anything wrong?

I also type few words in Sanskrit in ‘Vedic Sanskrit Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS)’ and the default font is Mangal, but I wish I had Mukta font. Still searching for solution.

Thanks again.

Hello @WhiteLotus,

Can you update Keyman and the Indic keyboard to the latest version? Also, please help change the language tag to sa-Latn.

I have tested the keyboard and unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce your issue. All texts output as Calibri. But If I try to change the number manaully to Iskoola Pota font, I can see the size become a bit bigger than Calibri despite both being 11pt.

Please make sure that your default font is set to Calibri in ‘Font dialog’.

Hello @Nyny

Problem is solved. Thank you for all the help.

I updated both keyman desktop to latest version (17.0.326 updated on 09-07-2024) and also Indic Romanization Keyboard.

However, the solution was already given in the first response.

Earlier I had added English (India) → en_IN language as per the instructions given in the link you provided. It gave link to a web page which has instructions to add a language.


What I did not notice in the first time is that now there are two IAST keyboard layouts in which I can write. Maybe they appear after restarting windows.

English (India) → Added Yesterday.
(Indic Romanization from ITRANS)


Sanskrit (sa_Sinh_IN)
(Indic Romanization from ITRANS)

Screenshots attached.

Edit: Updated the screenshot

The first option is working well, the older second option still has issues.

Apologies for being so silly.

I was about to delete Normal.dotm / Normal.docx thinking it has corrupted, but luckily I saw the keyboard.

Thanks again, thanks for your time.

White Lotus

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