I phone 13 pro max

Keyboard won’t work,tried re installing with no luck

We’ve had reports from other users about Keyman keyboards not working with iOS 15. Please remain patient while we investigate this issue.

Thanks Darcy,good luck and hope to hear soon

I’ve found that ‘Allow full access’ has to be on all of the time in iOS15 for Keyman to work. Otherwise, as soon as you begin typing the keyboard goes blank.

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I should also add that the problem with iOS 15 is the first letter “bubble” as you start typing right after the keyboard is activated may very often stay frozen and you need to tap backspace key before continuing typing to prevent duplication of the same letter. The same way backspace may get stuck and you will need to switch to another keyboard to be able to type at all.

We are investigating this right now and hope to find a proper solution soon.

Keyman 14.0.284 is now available on the App Store and works around this issue, which turns out to be a bug in iOS 15. We have reported the bug to Apple and hope that they will fix it fully soon.

More technical detail is available at https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/pull/5916