I need help with a Toolbox user created dictionary

In the past Martin Hosken did this for me, perhaps he still can or someone else.

In the language I’m working in, Tai Lue (khb), there are vowels that need to appear before the consonant in a given syllable, for example “Tai” is pronounced /tai/ but when it is written, the /ai/ diphthong has to appear before the /t/.

For some reason my toolbox dictionary has reverted to the t+ai order in appearance (on the page, on the screen) when it should be ai+t.

Could someone help me correct that? I can in a later email share the database file.



Hi Scott -

Nice to hear from you!

Seven years ago the Unicode Standard (in version 8.0.0) changed the ordering of these from logical to visual order. That means that all your data needs to change. It’s a pain, but does mean that a lot more software will support the script.

If you’re using the Dai Banna SIL fonts version 2.200 and earlier there is special code that reverses them for display, as that was needed with earlier versions of Unicode. That code was removed in version 3+ of the fonts. So you might get your data to (temporarily) display properly by using older versions of the fonts.

You do, however, need to change all your data. I’ll contact you directly about getting someone to help with that task.

Hi Victor,

Good to hear from. you as well.

Sounds good that things are updated. I thought I had tried the new Keyman keyboard for Tai Lue and it was more like the English keyboard rather than the former one Bill Hanna set up that followed Thai more closely. Will this mean a) I have to key in data with the new keyboard, b) is there the other version that will work, or failing those two, c) can I remap the keyboard to my liking - thanks, Scott