I need a IPA Keyboard for my MacBook Pro Laptop with Mohave OS

I am writing a book on phonetics and need the fonts for phonetic transcription examples from my own collection of audio recordings.

I have not been able to locate a keyboard for download to my laptop. I prefer not to use my Ipad.

The current IPA keyboard is


There’s a macOS link for the .kmp keyboard package which hopefully will work for you.


Thanks! Can you give me some pointers regarding the warnings that the use of the keyboard could be problematic in terms of passwords and other information being compromised?

How might I safeguard against this?

The message that macOS pops up regarding passwords is a warning about running “third party” programs, so Apple wish to make sure that you understand that the code doesn’t come from them.

Keyman is safe: we do not log your keystrokes nor do we send them to an external server.

One caveat: it is sensible to make sure that a Keyman keyboard is not enabled when you change password, because you may need to boot your computer one day when you cannot access Keyman – and in that situation, you would not be able to login!