I just wanted to say THANKS!

I have created an app for my Fulah (Pulaar-Fuldulde)keyboard developed with Keyman developer. And it’s working great. I have not yet deployed it, but soon. I have a few close friends testing it.

I want to say a big thank you for those who made that happen. I would struggle much harder if I had to do the entire coding. My coding skills are from basic to a little under average.
I have known SIL for decades and Keyman since the Travultesoft early days. And I am thankful that all these tools have contributed to our language going more and more digital.
And the (digital) world is becoming a better place for our language, and the world, a better place for us.

ibrahima Sarr


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Me too! Big thanks to both the KAB and the Keyman people.

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