I have a an issue after running the app

I have an issue after installing the built app for android phones.
Once I open the app for the first time… Everything looks alright.
but once I close it and reopen it again… i notice that the ABOUT Menu Item disappears … plus when i click on a word or i search it via search bar… the result do not appear … I mean no word or gloss.

I tried many work arounds to fix the issue … by upgrading the packages like build tools and so… I tried older versions … i tried to build the app on a mac and on a pc …i tried to install the app on other android devices … but i failed … the same issue happens

NB: when close the app from recently opened apps … or when i go to the app info and i clear the cache and data … and open the app again … it works fine … but when i close it and reopen it again … the same issue happens

help me please … thank you

Hi philotrt, welcome to the DAB community!

I experience the same issue as you do, I give the exact steps for reproducing it below. I’ve reported the bug, @Ian_McQuay, any news on that?
However, note that this issue only occurs with apps created with LIFT files. If you use XHTML import into DAB, everything works fine. This is a shame since LIFT has a so much better search function.

-open the dictionary app
-tap any entry in the list
-(optionally: lookup some other entries, the behaviour won’t change)
-use the back arrow of your phone (not the one in DAB) to leave the app: the phone’s home screen is shown
-now, reopen the app, either by tapping the app symbol on the home screen or by choosing it from the list where all apps are shown that are not entirely closed but run in the background
-the app opens, the list with the words and their glosses is shown, but for any word you tap, the entry is empty; also, the “about” menu item disappears

hello Rhina
Thank you very for your reply
i tried to build the app using XHTML as you said … and i confirm that the “about” item still disappears … while when i tap a word in the main list the entry works fine.

Well spotted! I didn’t even notice that. Let’s wait for the developers to comment on this.

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With the last update to DAB 8.6.5, the problem with the about section disappearing has been resolved, at least it worked for my LIFT created dictionary. Thanks to the developers! :slight_smile:

However, the problem that the content in LIFT file created apps disappears when using the back button of one’s phone remains - hoping that the developers keep working on that, or else LIFT remains unusable.

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Thanks for the feedback. The good news and the not good news.

thanks to the developers for the update DAB 8.6.5
@Ian_McQuay after testing this new release … i confirm what @Rhina sayed.

Looking at the issues, the outstanding issue should be fixed in the 8.6.6 release out maybe today.

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I can confirm that as of DAB version 8.6.6 the issue noted above with content disappearing when using the back button of one’s phone has been resolved! Now, the content and the about field in dictionaries created form LIFT is always shown, no more bugs remaining. Big thanks to the developers!

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