I cannot select the needed font in Keyman developer, but I can use it in the Character map

THe font is Noto Sans Adlam. It is installed for all users on my computer, and I can select it for the Character map.

But in the keyboard fonts section of developer, it doesn’t appear in the list.

Noto Sans Adlam can be downloaded from here:

Does the font appear after a restart of Developer and/or Windows? If not, we can dig deeper.

I saw this problem yesterday. The user wanted Noto Sans Newa. I’m wondering if Noto isn’t setting bits correctly.

Restart doesn’t help.

Okay, I’ve reproduced this problem here and have documented it for resolution.

There is a workaround. It is possible to specify the font for each of the selectors in the dialog through other means – this dialog is a convenience:

  1. Text Editor Code and Debugger, Editor Characters: open the Code view of the Layout tab. From the View menu, select Code Font or Character Font respectively. I have verified that Noto Sans Adlam appears in these menus.
  2. On Screen Keyboard: open the Code view of the On-Screen tab. Change fontname attribute of the <encoding> element.
  3. Touch Layout: open the Code view of the Touch Layout tab. Change the font property for each form factor in use (phone and/or tablet – desktop is not currently used).

Thanks, that works.Actually you can specify the desired font for the layout view in either Design or Code view, and what you choose for Character font applies to both views.

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We’ve resolved this bug; it should land in 14.0.252-beta.