I can search for a gloss but not a "word"


First of all thanks for all your hard work on this. This morning I was
writing a message to someone in our language community (Nikyob) and I
wanted to know the Nikyob spelling of the word for “liver” so just searched
our prototype dictionary for “liver” on my phone using Language Forge. I’m
looking forward to the day when those in our community can benefit.

Currently I only seem to be able to search for a gloss and not a “word”
i.e. a Nikyob word. If I click on options and select gloss it works fine,
but when I click on “word” I start typing the Nikyob word such as “syon”
nothing happens - no drop down list of suggestions. A list of suggestions
only come up if I’ve already just tried searching for a gloss - and they
just match the previous gloss suggestions.

I’ve not noticed anyone else posting about this problem so this might be an
idiosyncrasy with my project or me. One issue is that I have multiple
writing systems for the word (orthographic, phonemic, phonetic and audio).
But even if I only select one writing system e.g. the orthographic writing
system in settings > configuration > fields > word field setup, it still
doesn’t work for me.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on what might be going wrong.




Hi Tim,

Thanks for reporting this. You’ve discovered a bug that is specific to
your data that is causing the application to not search and display
properly. We’re looking into it and I’m going to create a JIRA issue for
this bug and send you the link so you can track it. Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Christopher Hirt
Team Manager - Thailand
SIL Language Software Development


Hi Tim,

I’ve released a fix for this issue https://jira.sil.org/browse/LF-12 , so you should now be able to search and see the entries correctly.




Great! It works for me. Many thanks. And a very quick fix.