HOWTO: Configure SIL Toolbox, Keyman, and Windows keyboards optimally

L.S. I take it that somewhere along the line automatical keyboard switching in SIL Toolbox with the newest Keyman Desktop software got lost,. Looking at KMKB0059 ( I see that all was still fine with keyman 7. Does anybody have a HOWTO configure windows 10 and Toolbox with Keyman Desktop (12?) keyboards? Or would you advise, to keep optimal compatibility with Toolbox, to go back t keyman 7 or 8 ?
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I am not very familiar with Toolbox, but I have just tried it out with Keyman 12. Even though you can’t select Keyman keyboard as a default keyboard, you can effectively use the keyboard you need by manually switching it using language switcher (i.e. shortcut key: Alt+Shift). It is not automatic though, but workable.

If the keyboard you need is shown up n the Language Encoding Properties (as show below), the one you pick will be automatically switched.

Hi Bart,

I just want to confirm Makara’s findings and add a few more details. I used Toolbox 1.6.4 and Keyman Desktop 12 ( I installed the Tem keyboard (tem_kdh) for testing. Keyman Desktop Configuration shows:
which is pretty weird, since this is a Latin script keyboard.

In Toolbox, if I right-click on a marker, Toolbox takes me to a marker properties dialog, which displays the language used for that marker. If I click on the Language Properties button, Toolbox takes me to the Language Encoding Properties dialog for that language. Selecting Options tab shows the dialog in Makara’s post. For Tem I had to select the “Arabic (101)” entry, which is pretty bizarre, but it seems to work. With this setting, if I move to a field with that language, the keyboard switches to Tem automatically.

If you’re still having problems, please write again.


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I’ve replied to Bart’s question in detail on the Toolbox Google-Group. Anyone needing more details can find them here:!forum/shoeboxtoolbox-field-linguists-toolbox

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