How to upload keyboard on SIL site

I would like to upload a keyboard for Sagaw Karen language from Burma. We use Unicode keys. . I use Keymen Developer 14. I and a friend we work on the keyboard.

Your advice is appreciated.


Lawplah Minn

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You may want to upload the keyboard project folder to Keymanapp GitHub repo. Please follow the instructions here: Guide: Keyboard Submissions using GitHub. The keyboard project will be reviewed and when approved it’ll go live on Keyman website which you can search for it at Keyboard Search.

It is important that you follow the file organization we recommend. Here is a sample of what should be included in the keyboard project folder: keyboards/release/sil/sil_myanmar_my3 at master · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub.

I am glad to hear about another Sgaw Karen Unicode keyboard for Keyman. The more, the better! Then everyone can choose which one works best for them.
Thank you for your work in developing this.