How to Type Lower Case Khmer Letters

How do you type lower case letters in Khmer ? I can type all the other letters, but cannot type any lower case (jeung). I can only type “khaw” and “sra’ awm” for the word “I/Me”, no jeung.

What keyboard are you using? (Is it from your OS or is it a Keyman Khmer keyboard?)

I’m sure you are referring to the consonant subscript. Depending on the keyboard you are using, Khmer NiDA keyboard has Coeng (aka subscript marker) on Shift + J, while the Microsoft built-in Khmer keyboard has it on the spacebar.

NiDA based keyboard: ខ្មែរ < x + j + m + E + r
Microsoft built-in keyboard: ខ្មែរ < x + (spacebar) + m + E + r

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