How to support Win Xp

I have some keyboard which I wrote in TIKE 5.0 to 7.1 and they works fine untill I open them in TIKE 14 & 15. Now if I compile those keyboard again in 14 or 15 they can’t install in Keyman 7 or 6.2

And If i reinstall TIKE 7.1 and try compile then Tike says compiled successfully but the key stroke is broken fully.

Please suggest how to get those keyboard worked in lower version of Keyman (i.e. 8.0 or 7)

Thanks in advance

Hi Arun,
The current versions of Keyman Developer have some strict file naming conventions which possibly your old keyboards did not. For example, you can’t have spaces in the file names. When I open one of your old Unicode keyboards and try to compile I get this message “The name should be all lower case, include only alphanumeric characters and underscore (_), and should not start with a digit.”

Additionally, old versions of Keyman Developer used a .kvk filename. You should rename that to .kvks and change it in the header of the .kmn file too. (Now Keyman Developer considers a .kvk file to be the compiled version of .kvks)

I would have thought using the header statement:
store(&VERSION) '7.0'
would work. Are these Unicode or ANSI? It’s possible Keyman doesn’t support ANSI anymore. I can’t find a keyboard with ANSI for testing.

Hello Lorna

Greetings of the day!!

Actually the issue is when I open the *.kmn in recent tike it complies perfectly (I think “The name should be all lower case,” start from tike 13 onward as far as I can remember) but the kmx did not install in lower version of keyman.

Example if I compile the kxm in Tike 13 then It did not install in Keyman 9, If I compile in 9 then it did not install in 8 etc.

Regarding Keyboard, yes it is in ANSI but I think this is not an issue (I think keyman just update the data in unicode when it install but works normally as ANSI)

Kind regards