How to see word suggestions

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I have a question, is it anyway [that] Keyman Developer can create a window of possibility of words or of the characters that show the character to type next, just like it shows in the editor of Keyman Developer itself, or do I have to use another kind of developer to do it.

As I study the Keyman Developer’s document, I don’t see anywhere show of how to do it. I like to have it on my keyboard app. If it’s possible I like someone please show me how.


For the mobile apps (Keyman for Android and Keyman for iPhone and iPad), it is possible to incorporate a Keyman dictionary (“lexical-model” or “predictive text”) to provide word suggestions. The same Keyman Developer tool that creates keyboards can also be used to create these dictionaries.

Here’s a screenshot of a Tamil keyboard with the word suggestions (black banner) above it

There are some video tutorials how to create that (See Day 3, Day 4)

The online guide for creating a lexical-model is also available at

Note: This feature is currently not available for desktop keyboards (Windows, macOS, Linux)

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do I understand your answer correctly? as far as keyman developer can do is, detecting the key strike and translate that into Unicode of the language destination, and can not or does not allow to do any other function by the operating system like desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), but for Android, iPhone and iPad have the different operating system that can allow lexical-model of function do it. So what I like and want, cannot be done in keyman developer. I should use another developer that has a powerful language like C++ or python to do it, is that correct?

It sounds like you’re looking for a tool that will detect a Unicode character and determine the language and provide word suggestions.

That’s beyond the scope of Keyman, since a Unicode character can be used for multiple languages. Our keyboards are created to provide Unicode characters for a few languages at a time.

The Keyman lexical models work for one language at a time because a wordlist for that language is programmed in.

Hi Darcy,
No sir, It’s not the way you understand at all. As far as I am concerned, Keyboard app developer, each person or each Nation used keyman developer to do their own language Keyboard app, they should be able to incorporate lexical models of their own language in it, not to depend on the operating system, after all, keyboard app is just like some kind of Editor itself, and I see all Editor In all kind of developer Including keyman developer can have lexical models in them, It doesn’t matter what operating system it is running on. So thank you for answering my question, but what I am looking for it’s beyond the scope of keyman developer now, and hope In the future Keyman developer can do it, or Keyman developer allows keyboard app developer doing it.
Thank you very much

ສະບາຍດີ Bountheung,

Yes, we currently only support predictive text on mobile platforms (Android, iOS, mobile web), but we hope to support it on desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, desktop web) in the future. Any effort you make on preparing lexical models / dictionaries for mobile platforms will also benefit desktop keyboards in the future after we implement predictive text on the desktop.