How to restore SIL OFL granted to me if it has become null and void?


I’m not sure but I’m afraid that I might have broken the terms of SIL Open Font License because I’m afraid that have given other people some font softwares which must be distributed under SIL OFL without giving them the whole set of the font softwares or/and the text of the copyright notice and the license along with the font softwares.

Among the related font softwares could be Adobe’s Source Han Sans font family. But there are much information in the properties of the font files itself such as information indicating the font is licensed under SIL OFL and copyrighted by Adobe.

Am I still allowed to use the related font softwares?

If I’ve broken the terms of SIL OFL of a font software and the license granted to me has become null and void, how can I restore the license so that I can continue using the font software?


If the font contains the original copyright statement and OFL license (or a link to it), then the basic requirement of the OFL has been met, and there’s nothing else you need to do.

We recommend that you also include the original OFL.txt and FONTLOG.txt files, but that is not a strict requirement of the license.