How to remove erroneous original copyright message?

During a workshop one team created a Source Collection and developed a
complex book in it. That book’s Bloom folder was manually copied into a
Vernacular Collection and edited further. Now the book’s Credits page
displays, “Adapted from original without a copyright.” This statement
does not apply to this book. How can I remove it, please? I have tried
editing the .html file to remove any original… fields, but the
statement reappears no matter what I delete.

Thanks for any advice!

The book is LACKING some information that is normally created when Bloom derives a book from another.

Assuming the copyright that the book now has is the right one to show as ‘original’, you can fix it like this:

  • edit the HTML file

  • Find the section (usually right at the start of the body element) that starts

       <div id="bloomDataDiv">
  • inside that, find a block something like this:

      <div data-book="copyright" lang="*">
          Copyright © 2018, JohnT
  • make a copy of it and edit the copy so it looks like this:

      <div data-book="copyright" lang="*">
          Copyright © 2018, JohnT
      <div data-book="originalCopyright" lang="*">
          Copyright © 2018, JohnT
  • (Keep your own copyright notice, of course, just edit the copy so it has “originalCopyright” instead of “copyright”.)

  • It is appropriate to also copy the similar div that has data-book=“licenseUrl” to data-book=“originalLicenseUrl”, and if present, licenseNotes to originalLicenseNotes.

It’s also possible that the book in its current location should be treated as an original without any notice about being adapted. In that case, look for a line like this:

<meta name="lockedDownAsShell" content="true"></meta>

and delete it.