How to move a Bloom install to a new computer

Apologies in advance for a lame question. We only have like 2 users here at our location using Bloom. As the IT guy, I have zero experience with Bloom and very little time to invest in the product, I need to move a user onto a new computer. The new Bloom install is straightforward, but how do I move all the user’s data, settings, etc etc. from the old client to the new without missing anything?.

Bloom 3.6.5 running on Windows 10, 1803

Thanks in advance. Sorry if I missed an obvious FAQ on this topic. I didn’t see one, but I did look.

Mbeya, Tanzania


I’ll respond here and others can add, if I’m missing anything.

You mentioned Bloom 3.6.5, but the latest release version is 4.2.1. I suggest you download and install that one on the new computer as there are a lot of features that have been added since 3.6.5. One of them is the ability to publish to the Bloom reader (Android).

The settings are saved within each Bloom collection, so if you copy the folders from \Documents\Bloom to the same location on the new computer, that should have everything that is needed.

If the user has download templates or books from Bloom library, they will be in \Users[name]\local\SIL\Bloom\Collections\Books from, so it would be good to transfer that folder also.


SIL Asia

Just two more bits:

  1. the user will be used to Bloom automatically opening their last collection when it is run. On the new computer, the first time, you might have to show Bloom where that .bloomCollection file is. As with most SIL software, we do rely on users being able to see file extensions, so please enable that in their Windows Explorer settings.

  2. There are some settings that go with the user, not the collection. For this transition, if they used to have Settings:Advanced:“Show Experimental ____”, you may have to tick those again.

Thanks for the prompt response. Much appreciated.