How to load custom font

Is there a way to maintain a font in the installation folder to use for Display text.

This would perhaps avoid the changes of system font conflicts.

  1. Add a custom font during installation as part of resource
  2. Use it for display text in the Keyman menu

You should be able to install a custom font with WiX, shows an example.

Then, to use that font for display text in most of Keyman UX, you can update the locale.xml data for the language to reference that font, in the SK_UIFontName and SK_UIFontSize entries.

Thanks. I can install font in the software installation folder, but how to make locale, SK_UIFontName to point to this font.

SK_UIFontName looks for font in the system font folder.

No, we don’t currently have a way to use a locally loaded font in all Keyman UX. You could use a web font for the web UX (i.e. most of Configuration), but not for the Keyman menu or the On Screen Keyboard.