How to know if an unbreakable space was typed?

As we proceed step by step in refining / proofing / our bloom books, I feel the need to know if unbreakable spaces, tabs etc, were typed at certain spots. Can this be made visible in bloom? Would this be a good feature request?

What we need is a font that displays non-breaking spaces in a way you could easily see.

I asked the above question before knowing about direct editing with vscode. (for some reason I thought the bloom editor was working with the .bloompub files in the dropbox collection folder …)
But now that vscode has entered the stage (hurrah), there are (hardly) any limits …

I have used the extentions “Highlight Bad chars” (wengerk.highlight-bad-chars) (can of course also be used for good characters …) and non-breaking space highlighter (viktorzetterstrom.non-breaking-space-highlighter). However, if a normal space is replaced by a non-breaking space in vscode, after saving in vs code and re-entering bloom, later in vs code the red square has now become   (which is not a problem).

PS. I now also understand why the find / replace feature request has only 2 votes. Could it be that sil community forum users are able to use vs code for find / replace and therefore see less of a direct need for this feature inside bloom? Could it also be that for the ordinary bloom (end)-user the (global) find / replace feature inside bloom would receive more votes if they were able to vote?