How to Install customized keyboard on iPad

So I uploaded the .kmp file to the internet.

On Safari, click the link to the file will download the .kmp file to my iPad. I click to open it, iPad switches to Keyman, but the installation window does not show up.

On Chrome, click the link will download the file to my iPad. I can choose to open in Keyman. Then what happens is the same as that on Safari. It switches to Keyman and does nothing else.

I emailed the link to myself and open it in my mail client. It does not install either.

I tried “install from File”. I can see the file. But when I click it, nothing happens.

The only working way is to send the webpage that contains the link to my telegram messenger. I can open the webpage within telegram. When I click the link to the file, it shows Open in "Keyman". When I click that, the switches to Keyman, and the installation window shows up.

The problem is: how can I share my files with others? I can’t ask everybody to install Telegram in order to install the customized keyboard…

(On my android phone, I was able to install it by downloading the file and open it in “Keyman”.)

What version of Keyman are you currently using? We just pushed a fix yesterday for one of the major causes of this; it should be fixed in Keyman version 14.0.229-beta. Your mention of the Telegram workaround leads me to believe you’re experiencing the bug that fix was targeting, too.

Assuming you’re on the Keyman beta, this version would have released within the past several hours, so could I ask you to update the app through TestFlight and try again?

Hi @joshua_horton,

I was using the latest released version downloaded today from the app store.

I just downloaded the beta app from TestFlight. It was worse. I could not even install the keyboard from Telegram.

Using "install from File”, click the downloaded file, Keyman returns to the typing page, nothing else happens.

Open the downloaded file from “Files” on iPad, it shows this error code:

… so it was App Store before. Sorry, guess I had that part wrong.

Can you click on the (i) icon at the top and confirm what version of Keyman it reports?

Now I’m using 13.0.115.

While @joshua_horton will be pursuing the issues you have experienced, I just wanted to note that the recommended way to share keyboards is by submitting them to the Keyman Cloud keyboard repository – that way they’ll be available through the keyboard download within the app and on

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Thanks! I have no programming background. Definitely need to study that.

@Lorna or @makara can assist you in this process if you wish – they’ve helped a lot of other keyboard developers share their keyboards.

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Also, it turns out that your attempt with Beta likely failed because we’d had an issue with our build process that day. As a result, the fixed version wasn’t actually available; I hadn’t realized this at the time. We should have that resolved by the end of the week, if not tomorrow.

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OK. Thanks! It’s great to hear that!

Hello, have a similar issue and was wondering how to fix it. Keyman 14.0 on ipad air 4.

Installed an ergonomic keyboard layout on Windows due to health reasons, and been using keyman a lot with the ‘arno’s engram’ layout.

Tried to do the same on the ipadOS version, however, could not find it on the in-app search function (‘engram’, ‘arno’). It was on the website though, and downloaded the .kmp file. Using the ‘install from .kmp’ file function of the app did nothing. Reinstalled the app and gave it full access on the options to no avail. It installs kbs from those found with the search function easily enough.

Thanks for your time

HI @ace, the ‘arno’s engram’ layout does not currently support tablets or phones, which is why you it didn’t come up on a search on your iPad from within the app.

Thank you, that clears it up.