How to import SayMore sessions

Hello all,

I’m a linguistics student trying to get the hang of SayMore for a class - one of my classmates sent me an exported .session file that I need to import to SayMore. However, while I can find options to export my own SayMore sessions, I can’t find an option to import a session (besides importing it into another new session file by clicking ‘add file’ within the session, which crashes my program). Is it possible to import an exported session file into a SayMore project?

Thank you!

Let’s look on disk at your project. You’ll see a folder structure like this:


Inside of “Sessions”, you’ll see a folder for each session:


Normally you’d get from your friend an entire folder for the session they want to share, and put that in your “Sessions” folder. But if you only need the metadata, that lives in the .session file. So you just need to make a folder to put it in:

  1. In your “Sessions” folder, create a new folder:

  2. Give it the exact same name as your .session folder. Case may be important, so match that too.

  3. Drag the .session folder into that new folder

  4. Run SayMore

Good luck!