How to get the dictionary from FLEx to WeSay?

I try to follow Notes on FLEx/WeSay Collaboration.

  1. I “Send this Lexicon for the first time (to WeSay)” in FLEx and selected LanguageDepot as the destination. I get no error message.

  2. I open WeSay Configuration Tool and chose “Get from Internet” and from LanguageDepot. This operation ends in “Pull operation completed successfully”.

  3. However when I try to open the project in WeSay, I get an error saying “Could not find a LIFT file to use in…”

What am I doing wrong?

My goal:
Since LanguageForge is unusable (see my LF forum posts), I’ve come to think, that perhaps computer-non-savvy users could use WeSay to fill in translations for entries, and only I would use FLEx to admin the whole project.

What you are trying to do is reasonable but it unfortunately comes with some complexity. If you already have FLEx <—> FLEx S/R setup (needed for LF), you need to setup an additional project on LD to be able to do FLEx <—> WeSay S/R. This is called a LIFT S/R.

If you tried to do a WeSay S/R using your FLEx <—> FLEx repo, you will get the error message “Could not find a LIFT file…” You need to create a new LD project/repo that is specifically for WeSay.

Let me recap to see whether I’ve understood correctly.

  1. I contact Language Depot and this time ask them to set up a repo for WeSay in the LIFT format.

  2. I follow the “Notes on FLEx/WeSay Collaboration” to get the project started.

  3. I grant to a bunch of users permission to S/R edits they make in WeSay to LD.

  4. I sit back on a sofa and follow in FLEx how the project progresses :smiley:

Yes, I would agree with your recap, generally speaking.