How to get into contact with Language forge support?


I have multiple issues with my project here on LF. See posts by me. I’ve also sent a detailed report to at the end of May. I haven’t received any response to these. I understand, that under these exceptional times people have more pressing matters, but still would like to have a confirmation, that my messages have not lost into the cyberspace.

So is there any other way to contact the LF support?


Hi @Juha_Metsakallas,

Sadly, Language Forge support is inconsistent at best. Language Forge development is mostly not happening due to lack of a development team. Some issues can be resolved or worked around with changes to data. Other issues cannot be resolved without code changes (which often happen at glacial speed). I’m sorry that your project isn’t work with Language Forge. I am not in my current SIL role and cannot help with your project at this time.



The correct email address is actually now but there is no one who is dedicated to Language Forge support. See this post for more details: Not Actively Maintained