How to get .docx styles into RAB

I’m a total newb here. I’m trying to learn this app to put discipleship materials into an ethnic language. I’ve got RAB up and running and have been able to build and run an app, but I can’t get the styles from the Word document to come into RAB.

When I build an app there are no styles. All the text is the same. I watched a tutorial video on styles with the song builder app and read the “Building Apps” instruction PDF. I tried to use the style names they mentioned there, but they’re not pulling into RAB.

Any help would be HUGE! Thanks!

If you want to send me couple of pages of your docx file, I can look at it to see if you are on the right track with your styling. If not then I will style some of it as a sample.

I’ll send my email address by Personal Message so you can send it to me.

Thank you so much, Ian. I feel like a baby here and need some bottle feeding :sob:. Before I send a docx file, could you possibly ask about a bigger issue I’m stuck on with RAB?

Books and app data disappearing
Sometimes when I build and install an app it opens and works properly on my phone. But sometimes it all looks right in RAB, but when I open the app on my phone it says “Reader: No book found”. The book was there when I was building the app in RAB, and it’s in the file folder if I hunt for it there, but it doesn’t show up when I open the app on my phone.

Then, if I close RAB and reopen the app project I was working on, the book doesn’t show up there anymore. It’s still in the file folder, but not in RAB, and I can’t figure out how to add it back again. Also, all the other app project settings have to be reconfigured again. They just go back to defaults.



The book is in the file folder:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!