How to get Art of Reading images for use outside Bloom

Trying to take some AoR images out of Bloom for use elsewhere. Tried to download the AoR 3.0 from SIL publications site but the site isn’t not working. Does anyone have any workarounds?

You could add the images you want to a Bloom book, then retrieve them out of the book’s folder.

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Thanks John. I ended up publishing to pdf then editing the image in Gimp, saving as a png, but the file was 6 MB, just for a little black and white picture. And it is more of a faff. Getting the image from the book folder kept it’s size nice and small.

Also another solution could be to browse to the “hidden” directory where AoR keeps its images, which is C:\ProgramData\SIL\ImageCollections\Art Of Reading\images

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